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What most people confuse is cheap and quality. When I say Cheap mixtape I don’t mean go sound like you don’t know what you doing. But simply get resources for less than most people would ordinarily pay. I have been on the internet for a while and found a few useful links that might help you save some money.

You don’t need to buy beats these days as there are many producers that are putting work out looking for collaborations. This link  is for a guy I saw on SoundCloud and advertised that you can use his beats for free and has some conditions but really good for someone trying to put a mixtape together.

You also don’t need to look for a graphic designer to put your artwork together. you can simply look for websites that offer free graphics and look very professional and also gives you permission to use for your projects. My personal favourite is Freepik.

Free Recording TiP some of the easy ways to get free recording is to do features on your songs. find people who have equipment and are working on material of their own. interest them into working on some of your projects. This step must be done very carefully, first you will research the person you want to approach. listen to the music they make and things they produce then pitch something that you know will appeal to them. Sometimes even ask them to hear you out or listen to the vision you have for a song and ask them to produce it. most producers on the come up also need exposure so it could work to record you for exposure.

Now lets look at this point closely, what do you have that a producer might consider exposure? This is where building a big following on social media will help you. Also try things like sponsoring your twits and Instagram or Facebook posts when you post things. This will help you have solid numbers when selling yourself to producers that want exposure, not only will that help you sell yourself but in doing so you actually marketing yourself for real.

I hope some of these tips can be of help to you guys and that you may also comment with other tips in the comment area.



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