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Letter to a fan

Yeah man, My first road band was out of New York City, cut some 45s of stuff I wrote on the roulette label in the 80s.

Took the band to Nashville, played the bars and hooked up with a legit Distributer, he got us on 400 starter stations and then I personally went out to radio stations in 26 States and 65 cities and did promo, we played for peanuts and I always came home broke, lol!

I had a wife, still do, and at that time two little girls at home. Then I gave up music, went and drove a truck up and down the East Coast for 25 years to support my family and keep us together. I got the taste of getting on the air back then and never forgot how good it felt. Boom, we move out to Phoenix, Arizona in 06, i’m bored, looking for a band and started writing again. Went to a little studio to cut a demo and met the Plump Tones and I started writing and playing with them – lo and behold – here we still are doing what we all love. God is Good letting us have all this fun and I damn sure appreciate it

Your buddy, Danny Roberts

PS, We are almost done with our Long Road Home album, and this last tune me and my lead guitar man wrote, is really going to Rock!

It’s title is [Whiskey Weed and Women] it sums up the whole album and fit’s like a glove, plus we just put two of the Best Horn men in Phoenix on it. I’ll definitely get it to you when it’s all done and thanks my Brother, you take care talk again, Danny

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