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Smokey-Smokey, the self-proclaimed 2198 sheriff. 2198, a postal code to a town in Johannesburg South Africa called Yeoville. The Rapper has been dropping tape after tape and now has a new project called Table Manners. When we met with Smokey-

Smokey, we understood why he is so confident in his craft. The rapper has over 200 unreleased songs and says to record several songs on a daily basis. Now, if that is not dedication then someone tell us what that is.

The rapper has been seen performing in nightclubs and seems to have a reputation of throwing money into the crowed and claims this is a what makes him relax and gets his crowed into his signature Hype-Mode.

Smokey-Smokey currently belongs to 2198 Entertainment, a group of musicians, event managers and promoters. The group works on being self-sustainable by having all sorts of skill sets to help mobilize their projects and events without the need for any external input.

Smokey-Smokey is also very vocal about how he is open to work with other artists but is always worried about other people not taking work seriously. So he ends us not having a lot of collaborations.


The production of his music is done by the rapper himself and claims this is the best way to grow as an artist. He remembers going door to door begging for studio time a

nd production, but now that he has learnt to produce, it appears the rapper has a middle finger up to anyone trying to contest for the sheriff position in 2198.

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