Посты по тэгу: #BarzFreestyle


May 9, 2018

With every step we have taken, our footprint has grown. However with growth comes challenges and in this post the challenge is to contain the excitement that fills our fingers as we type. It is of great honour to announce that our first show will be broadcasted on the 17th of May 2018 hosted by the one and only LarryMuffinz.

Our guest on the show is no stranger to our play list, featured articles,  or the media as a whole. Ayce Stacio, the man who has been said to be the Tyga and Kid Ink of Africa combined but only on steroids this time. When speaking to Ayce ahead of his interview and inaugural freestyle on Barz, one get the sense that nothing will go as planned for the host as Ayce has ideas to tottle the mic. If expectations are anything to go by, then expect a powerful freestyle as promised by the rapper.

For anyone that wants to feature on the show its all been said that the bar will be raised really high and only people with no curves in their vertebrae will have confidence to step up thereafter. This is both good and bad for the show as it may inflict fear in the hearts of the faint hearted he says as he chuckles and laughs out load (LOL).

you can catch the interview at www.usaradio.live on 17 May 2018 6pm CAT

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