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The 2018 BMW Z4 Roadster Concept: Sleeker Than Your Average Swagger

I first saw the BMW Z4 in the early 2000’s which really took the industry by storm, giving stiff competition to cars like the SLK by Mercedes, Crossfire by Chrysler and 350Z by Nissan. My initial impression was that the car was for women, but I’m now profusely apologetic because like many guys that drive or have driven one, I have been proven wrong. My perception quickly changed when I got behind the wheel of 2011 BMW Z4M 3.5IS. Anybody that has driven this car would agree that it’s a BEAST in angel’s clothing.

The looks on the second generation Z4 were on point, the power in the 3.5IS was mind shattering. I remember doing 220km/h at midnight on the N1 North not knowing if I should fear being pulled over by the cops or crashing and never seeing the light of day again….. Well, I survived that night needless to say, and without a fine.

This makes the release of the 3rd Generation Z4 Roadster even more exiting, from the looks of the concept, I think this car will be a cut above the rest. I think it will definitely go a level higher and rattle the strong standing cars like the Jaguar F Type and Mercedes AMG GT (Please don’t bite my head off).

The design is amazing and really taking many features from the current BMW production cars, such as the 4 Series and the likes. Interior has been given a “sleeker than your average” swagger that will match your look no matter what brand you are wearing.

With BMW we can definitely expect mind blowing performance and the higher we go with the models such as the Z4M, we’ll either end up in jail or with negative bank balances from all the traffic fines.

With all that said, here are some pics from a reveal at this month’s Concours d’Elegance at Pebble Beach in California of the Z4 concept which will release 2018, enjoy!!


Image Credit: Agnieszka Doroszewicz / BMW


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